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Bamboo whisk chassen

Bamboo whisk chassen

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The matcha needs to be whipped to avoid any lumps in the drink. Also, the matcha on the water should have a foamy surface. This foam should be thick, fluffy and stable. This is exactly what you get on a real matcha and when using a bamboo whisk. Bamboo whisk chassen

To prepare Bamboo whisk chassen matcha take a bowl (it should be wider than a normal mug, like this) and using a whisk, using a W-shaped motion, barely touching the bottom, whip the Bamboo whisk chassen matcha. Whisk in this way for about 30 seconds until a stiff foam forms. Bamboo whisk chassen

Bamboo whisk chassen Made in Japan.

Tips: Soak the whisk for 30 seconds in hot water before use by dipping the whisk's bars 3-4 cm into the water. This is to make the whisk flexible, so that the whisk opens better and lasts longer. Rinse the whisk with water after use and let it dry. Simply leave it on the table until it dries or attach it to the special whisk holder. Do not put the wet whisk in a closed box, otherwise it may get mouldy. For espresso matcha, use matcha varieties that are suitable for water. For example, Akane, Keito, Organic, Kyon, Utsugi, Uji no-shiro, Etenraku, Koun no-mukashi, Shiho, Houn, Uji no-mukashi.

Bamboo whisk chassen

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