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Matcha mini-shaker

Matcha mini-shaker

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The Matcha mini-shaker is a convenient, technologically advanced and modern replacement for the whisk and cappuccinator for making the perfect match at home or on the go. It is also Japanese technology, like the bamboo whisk. Matcha mini-shaker

The Matcha mini-shaker makes the matcha ready for an espresso matcha (matcha on water) or a latte (matcha on milk). The shaker mixes matcha and water in a couple of movements and breaks up the lumps well thanks to the special screw bottom. A video on how the shaker works is here. Matcha mini-shaker

Recipe for a matcha concoction: Pour water to the mark (20-30ml) into a shaker, put in 2g of matcha tea, close the lid tightly. Shake 10 times. The resulting matcha tea can be used to make a latte or an espresso. Matcha mini-shaker

Recipe for espresso matcha (matcha in water): Matcha concoction (2 g matcha + 20 ml water) Water 75°C - 70ml Prepare matcha as per the recipe above. Pour the matcha mixture into the water and stir.

Recipe for matcha latte: Matcha concoction (2 g matcha + 20 ml water) Whipped milk (hot or cold up to 80°C) - 200 ml. Prepare a matcha starter according to the recipe above. Pour the ready matcha into the milk and stir. Shaker capacity: 60 ml.

Produced by: Japan.

Tip: You can prepare matcha anytime and anywhere with Matcha mini-shaker. It is handy to take with you when you travel.

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