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Matcha Ceremonial Keito

Matcha Ceremonial Keito

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Matcha Ceremonial Keito' The word "MATCHA" in Japanese (抹茶) means "powdered tea", meaning it is a powder made from the leaves of green tea bushes native to Japan. Matcha comes in high ceremonial, ceremonial or standard (culinary) grades. Matcha Ceremonial Keito

Matcha Ceremonial Keito Experience the refined flavor of our Matcha ceremonial Keito from traditional matcha region Udji, Japan. Perfectly crafted for a smooth, delicate taste, this 40g pack offers a sublimely sophisticated and exclusive blend of flavors. Enjoy the subtle hints of a traditional brew with this premium grade matcha.

Matcha Ceremonial Keito Gradation: Ceremonial matcha for latte and espresso (water matcha). Prefecture: Uji, Kyoto Sweetness: High 4/5 Tartness: Moderate 3/5 Colour: Bright 5/5 Aroma of the powder: fruity freshness, sweet apple With water (2 g per 80 ml water): nutty, woody notes With milk: fresh, nutty. In the aftertaste: creaminess, macadamia nut and condensed milk. Distinguished by a pronounced emerald colour and a pleasantly fruity aroma.

Matcha Ceremonial Keito

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