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Matcha High-Ceremonial Miabi, 40 g

Matcha High-Ceremonial Miabi, 40 g

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The word "MATCHA" in Japanese (抹茶) means "powdered tea", meaning it is a powder made from the leaves of green tea bushes native to Japan. Matcha comes in high ceremonial, ceremonial or standard (culinary) grades.

Experience the high ceremonial Matcha Miabi from traditional matcha region Udji, Japan. Crafted according to ancestral Japanese traditions, this 40g bag of matcha offers an exquisite flavor and aroma perfect for those seeking a moment of zen. Enjoy an unrivaled tea ceremony with this refined and luxurious matcha. 

Grade: The highest ceremonial grade for usucha (weak tea/espresso) and koicha (thick tea). Sweetness: High 5/5 Tartness: Low 1/5 Colour: Bright 5/5

Proportions for usucha: 2 g per 80 ml of water (60°C - 70°C). Proportion for koicha: 4-5 g in 80 ml water (60°C-70°C)

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