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Matcha Standard Rindo 50

Matcha Standard Rindo 50

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The word "MATCHA" in Japanese (抹茶) means "powdered tea", meaning it is a powder made from the leaves of green tea bushes native to Japan. Matcha Standard Rindo 50 comes in high ceremonial, ceremonial or standard (culinary) grades.

Matcha Standard Rindo 50 Introduce your culinary compositions to a whole new level of flavor with Matcha Standard Rindo. This 50 g package of premium matcha powder promises to inject earthy, nutty, and mildly sweet notes into your favorite recipes. From savory stir-fries to indulgent pastries, take your cooking to a whole new level with this award-winning Matcha Standard Rindo 50.

Grade: Standard for lattes, smoothies, and concoctions. Matcha Standard Rindo 50

Prefecture: Uji, Kyoto

Sweetness: Low 2/5

Tartness: High 5/5

Colour: 2/5

Aroma in dry form: floral notes, fresh grass With milk: nutty and woody notes

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